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Men! Can They Coexist With Dysautonomia


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I can say I'm a man with POTS and my wife that struggles with my illness. She dosen't understand everything that goes along with this illness and get's very frustrated. Sometimes she treats me like I'm making it up. The statement's about men not dealing with illness well is insulting. POTS affects both men and women as do most illnesses. I think it's hard for anyone, male or female to deal with their mate being ill.

Agree !!!

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I got married very young, at the age of 15. I developed pots at the age of 14 but my Symptoms did not start flarring really bad until 16. Everyone in my family, including my husband Doubted me. My husband Was never mean about it but he would get really frustrated after working all day and taking me to the ER all night multiple times a month ( before I was diagnosed) He let it slip one time that he thought it was all in my head...It took a very hard toll on our marriage. It was not until I was diagnosed that he finally started believing me. We have been together 7 years now and still work thru some of that. It is very hard for somebody who does not have a pot to truly understand. I never wish this on anybody, but sometimes I wish they could just feel It for one day..

As for your question, I am one of those people Who do believe in soulmates. Somebody will come along who understands, even if you have to teach them how :)

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