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Licorice Root


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According to what I've read, licorice helps the body retain water, thereby helping to increase blood pressure. I take it in the a.m. and at lunch about 45 miin. before meals with a glass of milk. After taking it for 6-7 weeks I give my body a break from it for a few weeks. If you take high doses long term, you should have your potassium/sodium balance checked once in a while, just to make sure it's not out of balance, as it can deplete potassium, although I've never had any problems with it.

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It causes increased production of aldosterone, a hormone that regulates the salt and water balance of the body, resulting in a rise of blood pressure.

See full text:


And here is a good article on licorice from Mayo Clinic:



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The strength of the effect on what i was told was a very low dosage (a small tea mix provided to me by my alternative doctor) was quite surprising. It seems to act in the same way as florinef - the second night i found it hard to sleep and felt a bit full in the head which worried me. I found it made me a bit doppy in the head too.

I phoned my doctor and he said that my reaction more likely suggests that i have adrenal problems rather than just blood volume issues - he thinks that a reaction that profound after one usage should only occur if adrenal steriods are lacking.

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Guest tearose

Out of curiosity, how do you know how much licorice you are getting in a tea? Could you be getting too much or too little with every dose/teabag? Could you try an extract so you could just take one or two drops?

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