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Anyone Else Have Bed Raised Before Pots?


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I had washed my sheets today, and was just making my bed back up. Of course, I was ready to sit again when done!

Anyway, while I made my bed, I was looking at the blocks that I have the head of the bed raised on. It's two blocks, probably 4" each, so probably total of 8" elevation. As I was working, I was thinking how we have often mentioned raising the head of the bed causes an increase in blood volume. I THINK I have a lower than normal blood volume, but have never been measured.

I raised my bed probably 10 years ago, for stomach bloating issues. It just felt like it pressed into my lungs more if I was flat. I developed POTS almost 5 years ago.

So my thought tonight is, could I have possibly messed up my life-normal blood volume years ago by raising my bed, and then by the time POTS kicked in, my body was fighting to lower the volume?? I hope that made sense. Like, I had a low aldosterone. Could that be precipitated INITIALLY by having a higher volume, and then it kicked in to help balance? What exactly happens to expand volume with the head tilt with the bed? That mechanism may be the culprit.

I had my husband take out one block, so I'll see how things go for the next couple of weeks. Any thoughts??

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