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Is It Just Stress?


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Well I had an amazing probably 3-4 weeks where I was pretty functional the only residual problem I seemed to have was not always feeling like I could take a full breath. The tightening up I feel like I get with my breathing.

We did have a lot just happen with the kids starting school so I had physical obligations that I had to do and got through without any problem so I don't know if I did too much or suddenly if it's the increased physical or emotional stress of getting the kids up at 6 am every day for school (I always don't go back to sleep) and then the after school obligations plus taking son to preschool from 12-3 every Tues Wed Thurs but I started having small episodes within the last 3-4 days where I just felt breathless and lightheaded. It particularly got worse after my boss called and wants me to start helping out on weekends next month. After I talked to her I just wanted to bawl. I think I have a problem with obligation. I think I physically freeze in the light of it any more.

Like this morning I was up and doing fine did some dishes threw some laundry in and then as soon as I realized it was time to get daughter ready for soccer I froze. I was unable to make them eggs. Couldn't stand up and breathe at the same time and it was real my body was physically going through that but is it stress? Are my physical symptoms being brought on by physical demands that scare me?

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Nope, I don't think its just stress, not if you have dysautonomia.

I was convinced for years that my unexplainable physical symptoms had to have a psychological cause. I did a whole lot of body-mind techniques and I saw a psychologist, but nothing eased my symptoms until they were addressed on a physical level. Now that my symptoms are better controlled, I feel better both physically and emotionally.

Remember, it is incredibly draining emotionally to be sick, particularly when you're trying to function as a well person would.

My autonomic nervous system isn't worth a bag of beans. In retrospect, it was never going to help to re-hash my childhood or visualise myself glowing with good health while saying over and over 'I am in glowing good health'.....

With best wishes


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I certainly thing that stress can exacerbate your problems. That has proven true for those of us who are ill and those of us who are not. Have you ever tried meditation or relaxation when you can carve out a little time for yourself? Are you taking anything for anxiety? SSRI's have proven very helpful for most of us with autonomic dysfunction.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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I appreciate everyone's input.

I think I have a bug today and maybe it's been working on me for the last couple days.

I really felt feverish around 4? and just got a little energy tonight.

It could just be the POTS too it's hard to say.

But I tried to go to my son's soccer game and I was just miserable there and had to come home. It just felt while I was there I might just have the runs any moment. As soon as I got home that feeling passed. I was nervous jittery couldn't really focus on the game or get close. I sat way off to where I could hardly see but was afraid to walk that far to get there and then not be able to make it back to my car.

I did cry it's a bummer. I thought about seeing if my husband would tape some of these games so I don't miss them all.

It could be fun to watch them after they get home with son and it might be something he would enjoy and I wouldn't feel like I was missing out so much.

I do miss that feeling that you can just do anything hike across a field and not be affected by the heat or humidity. That 81 humid weather and my low grade fever weren't a good mix.

But made it home okay.

Sorry this was so long. On days like this I wonder how in the world will I work an 8 hour shift? I just don't know guys I really am worried about this and feel like I do better when I can limit these obligations and just try to get through each day the best I can...that is the only mode I feel safe in right now.

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I work just on an on call basis and typically work one 4-8 hour shift once every two weeks. I was full time but last October when it was obvious I wasn't getting any better I went ahead and cut back to every other weekend and then that position was eliminated so after that point I was just working on an on call basis.

For a period of time starting mid October my boss is going to schedule me every other weekend again and ever since I agreed to it-I have been a wreck.

It just feels that staying home is the best thing I can do for myself.

I just become a bundle of nerves when I know I have to work and my heart rate skyrockets when I get there-walk into the building from anxiety.

I haven't been willing to quit all together or attempt to go on disability.

I guess I am still waiting to see if this gets any better or any worse to make that decision.

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Could be stress, could be the bug you're fighting or it could be just plain old dysautonomia acting up. I have been battling POTS for almost ten years and have found it runs in cycles for me. Like you, I will experience a few weeks of feeling relatively functional and then crash and be practically unable to do anything but lay around. I have stopped trying to figure it all out because it seems to be pretty random. Now, having said that, there are definitely certain triggers like extreme stress, adrenaline heavy situations, and HORMONES. I have no doubt there is a hormone connection and if I could figure out what hormone I am lacking during my flares, I would bottle it in a minute! But, other times, there is NO rationale at all. I have learned to be grateful for the good times and try to accomplish as much as possible during those times. It's so frustrating though not knowing when the flares will hit. All the best to you!

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Thanks Daisy,

I think hormones might be aggravating it too I think I'm getting ready to start my monthly.

The POTS ***** that all these different things makes it so much more obvious. I guess it's just lying under the surface all the time waiting to zap us again.

I feel okay this morning-so I am going to try intermittent activity today.

I don't want to get any weaker than I am by laying around too much.

Easy does it!

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