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Neuroloog, Cardioloog, Dutch And Searching For A Shirt


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Last week I went to a neuroloog. My cardioloog sent me to him because i have POTS.

He wants to do the tilt table test again, now also with making an EEG.

He also says that POTS most of the time together comes with ME.

I don't know if thats with me to, for now I thinki I have only POTS.

Than will i asked if the Dysautonomie shirt are out of order.

I fill in fot this free shirt for 2 times, but think that's not for dutch people means.

I would like to care it when I go to the fitness.

So when somebody have such a tshirt from this site and you do not wear it, may be you can send it to me.

I realy would like to have such a shirt.

For now greeting to evrybody hear, and thanks for be a guest on this forum.

It is great to read your stories about living with POTS.

My country is not sso far in it.


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Hi Vlinder,

I think we probably still have t-shirts available, but you need to write to one of the administrators to find out (MightyMouse, Sunfish, Rachel, Flop). They do cost about $10-15, and I'm not sure if they are able to ship them out of the country yet. You would probably need to pay the appropriate postage costs.

Welcome to the Forum, it's a great place for support and to find information. Make sure you check out the home page - it has a lot of good information about doctors, symptoms, types of dysautonomia, etc.

Take care,


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hi there vlinder (which is dutch for butterfly!), how are you doing?

i'm from the netherlands as well and think must live quite close to you. i've been reading your blog and somehow tried to answer it but guess i didn't succeed. have you been to LUMC for your neuro appointment? my ans doc is there, he's a neuro prof so i think it's the same person. i've also been in RRC like you did, unfortunately it didn't bring me much healthwise. it DID teach me how to deal with my unwilling body and willing mind though!

there are several more people from the netherlands with dysautonomia though not around here (anymore) as far as i know.

feel free to email/pm me to talk in our own language. as this a forum for everyone to participate i'd rather talk english here!

i have two t-shirts and really like them but they're very much worn so can't offer you one, sorry for that! do try and get one as it makes people ask questions so we can work on awareness!!!

take care,

corina :)

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It said on the site they had XL ones left and were giving them away free. I filled it out as well and haven't received the shirt. Hope you are able to get some good advice on the DINET site. I'm not Dutch but our High scool mascot was the flying dutchmen. I grew up in a Dutch town in WI.


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