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Beware of lymph drainage


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I have mentioned before that I have gained allot of weight from the Florinef. I have been off it for about 2 months now and I am still experiencing side effects and growing by the day. Out of desperation I have gone for lymph drainage to try and get my figure back. I would not recommend it to anyone with our problem. It makes you so thirsty you feel like a fish out of water. It is very painful! After a session I feel like death warmed up, it drains all my energy. I have lost hardly anything in comparesing to a normal women. The next day your body is so sore you cant even touch yourself. It feels like you have run the comrades. Please be careful before any of you go for this. I have stored all my toxins in my body and the lymph drainage just brings them all flowing through my body again. And by the way we are not aloud any funny oils during massaging. How does one live with all these problems. I feel like a old women trapped in a young women’s body. I always joke that I am going to be the healthy one in my old age. Due to me getting all these problems so young. <_<

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