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Flushing (And My Partial-Success Story)

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Autonomic dysreflexia (hyperreflexia) is something that has been brought up before. A neurologist at UCSF ruled it out because I do not get headaches, I do not have any sweating associated with the flushing, nor do my pupils become dilated. I have not had any spinal chord injuries either, but don't recall going over this fact during my appointments with the neurologist. This is something I will keep in mind, however, as it is somewhat similar to what I am experiencing- and obviously, not everyone has the exact same symptoms (I.E. POTS patients). Luckily the endocrinologist I recently saw checked my dopamine levels, which I am awaiting the results of. If these come back positive it would be an indication for pheo/autonomic hyperreflexia. Thanks firewatcher for this info!

Autonomic hyperreflexia is interesting- while researching it, I noticed that it can also cause orhtostatic hypotension. I wonder if any one on this forum has this but does not know it (from what I read, many doctors are oblivious to it).

Honestly, I fit the description pretty well myself (Enormous pupils, headache, cold sweats, flushing...but no spinal chord injuries here either.) A hyper-active ANS is a good description of hyperadrenergic-POTS isn't it? I get flushing too, some times worse than others. Unfortunately, I think it is pretty normal for us.

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