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I didn't want to digress too much from friday7's post about volunteering, but I saw all the posts about reclining wheelchairs. I never knew such a thing existed and now I'm kind of excited. Do they also make ones where you can put your feet up, instead of having to have them hang down? And does anyone own a wheelchair like that? I swore I'd never own a wheelchair, but I might change my mind if there's so many options. With something like that I could go anywhere. If nothing else, I could use it as a really expensive gaming chair, instead of making everyone rearrange the family furniture just so I can play XBOX.

One last question: Will Medicaid/Medicare help pay for one?

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I decided to get one a couple of months ago. My doctor wrote a prescription for a lightweight, reclining, leg-elevating, collapsible wheelchair and added the proper Dx code. Since I was unable to find one from the suppliers in my insurance network I had to go out of network so they?ll only reimburse 80% of the cost, after my deductible. I have no idea how it works with Medicaid though.

From my research I learned that all but one reclining wheelchairs on the market have the two ?reclining? handles behind the chair so only someone else can release them for you to recline or incline, but all you need is a screwdriver to unscrew them from the rear and reattach them to the side of the chair where you can squeeze them yourself.

I got the Karman Ultra Light reclining wheelchair with leg elevators and head rest and it has made an enormous difference. I decided on this model because it?s only 37 lbs. so I can lift it in and out of my car trunk with ease, it folds and unfolds quickly, it reclines to almost completely flat (and even comes with two little wheelie-bars to prevent tipping) and it has two pneumatic cylinders in the rear that raise the seatback on their own, so you don?t have to pull the back while squeezing the two triggers, you just squeeze and sit up. The leg elevators are great too. With just a small amount of side pressure from your feet you can raise and lock them both into any position without having to lean forward and grab them. And the headrest comes with a little foam pillow that attaches with Velcro.

Only one problem with the chair? it?s about $1,000.

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