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Heated tingling in arms


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I am curious if anyone else has experience a HEATED tingling in their arms. This just started a few months ago for me and only happens immediately when I wake up...literally within a minute or 2. I remember that at my worst, the minute I would wake in the a.m. my heart rate would soar, like it was also "waking up". The tingling is not new for me to have in my extremities, but the heated sensation is new. It starts at the top of my shoulders and goes downward; I imagine that it is warm flowing blood moving down into my arms and hands. It only lasts maybe 15 seconds and then is gone, replaced by a rush of dizziness (maybe my arms took too much blood??) and what feels like a drop in bp.

Anyway, it is not painful or really a problem. I am getting used to it but was curious if anyone else has experienced. I am very well hydrated but early a.m. I need 16 to 20 ounces of fluids before I get up out of bed, so I think that it one possibility.

Oh, the quirks of life with POTS!

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Geneva, I have that sensation in my arms too, but not first thing in the morning when I'm in bed. I get it when I have my hands/arms lifted above my heart. For example if I'm driving and I put my arm up on the window--or sometimes just on the arm rest--and have my arm up in the air ... or if I raise my arm to scratch my head or something. I also get it when I brush my hair, make a braid or ponytail, or wash my hair. (I use a shower stool when I do that, tho sitting doesn't help with the sensation you describe; it just takes too much energy to stand!) I have to have my hand up that way for several seconds for the sensation to start.

I have a very difficult time describing the sensation because it's so odd. (I think I posted a query about this at the end of another long string recently.)

The image that comes to my mind is that when I have my arm up and hand raised above my heart, the blood drains down my arm toward the shoulder. Then the hand will feel sort of numb--and then when I lower my arm down again, the blood rushes back down, causing that heated tingly feeling you describe.

It's quite disconcerting ... I understand!!! (My heart races in the morning too--but then, if I'm awake, it's racing no matter what my position.) Funky stuff, huh? Anyone else? (I gotta say, getting some validation here is key; we're a RARE breed!)

Take 'er easy,


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I had really bad tingling running up and down my arm for a month. My neurologist said it's related to my neck problems. I didn't get a heated feeling, just really bad tingling so that I couldn't use my arm.

It went away on it's own.

Do you have any problmes with disk herniation in your neck?


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I don't have disk problems although I had chronic neck pain that started with POTS. It was thoroughly investigated by several doctors but nothing found abnormal. Massage therapy and yoga have been helping that problem. Because of the heat sensation and that it occurs when I am just starting to move around in the morning I really think it is my body trying to move blood around. Why, oh why do I need to be aware of every little transaction in my body???!! Couldn't these things go unaware like they did for the 40 plus years before I got POTS (LOL).

Interesting that only Merrill and I have the heated sensation. I do get the tingling if I have hands over head but it has not felt hot to date when I do that. Usually I get the arm tingling and then lightheaded til I pull my arms down. It doesn't really bother me because I know it only lasts a few seconds and then it is over. Still wondering if it is because I am in need of fluids immediately on waking.

thanks for the replys.

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