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Cold Sweats


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17 year old male here who has POTS, eds, retroflexed odontoid, and a tethered cord.

I just wanted to ask about the cold sweats i get all the time. My forehead is cold, my hands are cold, my private area is somewhat blue, and my heart is hurting. Could this be from the POTS and do other people get this? I think it could be a circulatory problem. How would i go about testing for that once i tell my doctor?

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My extremities are always icyc old due to pots, mainly being fingers, toes, ears, tip of nose and etc. People who shake my hand usually comment how cold it feels to them, and the odd thing is whenever I overheat and feel feverish my extremities become even colder. I'm not sure what you mean by cold "sweats" though ? personally I can't sweat at all due to the ditruption in my sweat glands Pots has caused me, but I can relate to the coldness you mentioned and I think its the same for most with POTS.

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