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Does anyone else suffer from hypersomnia? About every two weeks, I will sleep 15-18 hours in a day! I'm in a deep sleep too, where I'm hard to arouse. Many times I will force myself out of bed after 14 or 15 hours, then after 30 minutes, I'm so tired, I go back to bed and sleep another 3 or 4 hours. When I do get up, I'm in a major brain fog and listless. I've had one of these days today. I slept for 11 hours, went back to bed after being up for 1 hour, slept for another 3.5 hours, and want to go back to bed now!

I looked up hypersomnia and an article said that it can be caused by autonomic neuropathy. Of course, I don't think there is anthing that can help. I feel like such a bum though. Anyone else suffer from this?

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Hi Bev-

YES, my son whose 17 y/o now. He can easily sleep 15-16 hours at a shot. This is new since he became ill at age 12. As a child, he barely slept at all :blink:. Among his DX is chronic fatigue syndrome. He takes Concerta to help with this & uses caffeine during the school year. Like you, he is almost impossible to rouse & drenched in sweat upon awakening. He says it feels like he is coming out if general anesthesia.

Sorry you deal with this as well :(


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I have had CFS for 16 years, but I never had hypersomnia like this. I do have sweats when I sleep though.

I, too, wane back and forth between insomnia and hypersomnia. Tuesday night (morning) I didn't go to sleep until 6:45am! It just seems my sleep patterns are all messed up!

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I have those same issues .. I can go from normal sleep 6-8 hours a day .. to 12-14 hours a day sometimes longer where I just can't get up .. and then I can't sleep at all sometimes .. I thought the effexor was causing my sleep schedules to screw up like that. I know insomnia is a side effect of the drug. If I sleep too long I wake up with the worst headaches on earth. I notice closer to my period I tend to sleep really long hours.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're so unwell right now.

I also have periods of insomnia and normal sleep interspersed with sleeping too much. I tend to over-sleep when I'm much more symptomatic generally, but never more than 14 hours at a stretch, and I always feel much better afterwards - I figured that sleep was my body's way of getting back into balance.

I'm much more likely to lay awake after a night sweat or after over-heating without a sweat - if these problems recur, I stop them with ibuprofen (I've started over-heating again, so I picked up some ibuprofen today).

Way back before I gave up exercise, I also had post-exercise collapse (I'd slump over without losing consciousness for 5 min or so) which was always followed by the overwhelming need to sleep - I literally couldn't keep awake, even if it was 10am and I'd just had a full nights sleep. I'd usually sleep really deeply for 4-5 hours.

With best wishes


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I go through the same thing with the sleep. I can wake up in the morning and within 3 or 4 hours I HAVE to sleep again whether I want to or not. I also am FREEZING cold when this happens. After waking up for the second time in the day in another couple hours and I will sleep another 5 or 6 hours, wake up for a couple and then back to sleep again. It doesn't impact my being able to sleep at night though. I can go a couple weeks sometimes without the excessive sleeping and then wham it is back again. I haven't found anything that makes it worse or better.

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Guest tearose

I recently managed to eek out energy to do an incredible training session. It took alot of energy to do that and I needed two days afterwards of 8-9 hours of sleep and then two hours of naps.

I only have spells of this.

Is it just periodic in your son?

If it is in a "child" even at 17 I would wonder if it were a growth spurt contributing to this as well.

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I go between insomnia and wanting to sleep almost all of the time. Sometimes it's okay because it's how I can get through the day when I'm really feeling awful. I get up early, around 5-6 am, take a nap around 2-3, and then back to bed between 4-6, where I read for an hour or so and then am asleep by 7-7:30. Thank God for books and and recorded tv programs!

Hope you feel better soon.



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I also suffer from this. I have to sleep at least 12 hours to function. Right now I am going through insomnia.

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I actually did this for a year or a little more when I was first married.

I worked nights my husband worked out of town so I had no reason to get up or so I thought.

I would sleep the entire day and not get up til sometimes 8:30-9 o'clock at night and get up shower and work.

The sleep was addictive. If I woke up I would get drowsy again and go back to sleep.

I felt drunk and half out of it.

I could not stay up after my shift was over.

Sometimes I would try to go to the grocery after work cause I literally was not living.

If I stayed up for more than an hour after my clock out time I would start to get really dizzy and feel like I had to go to bed, get a headache, feel sick.

I lost a lot of weight during that time. I was down to 90? pounds-I basically only ate when I took a supper break at work.

I don't remember what I did on days off or how I ever weaned myself out of that routine but it was embarrassing. If anyone came to the door I was often in my robe if I got up to answer it.

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