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My Head Feels Like Its Going To Explode

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Ive had these before, but this has been ALL DAY LONG. Tingling on top of head and extreme pressure on head and in ears, feels like my head is full and about to explode at any moment. I get zaps to it too, feels like an electric just went through my head and makes me jump. My blood pressure was a little high but nothing too bad, so I don't know if that can be it. Still, this feeling is awful. Anyone else get this? What is it?

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Heh, then a huge thunderstorm came through. I guess that answered my question why I am having them so bad lately. I always have them right before and after a thunderstorm. I just get the tingly, pressure behind eyes and on top of head kind. I don't know if that's migraine or what. My mom suffers from the same thing, but hers are so severe she screams and kicks around. I hope I never get them that bad.

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