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Beta Blocker's

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Hey everyone I just got back from the mitral valve prolapse center in Alabama my appointment was this Monday. Susan Philips after doing an echo, stress test and looking at my tilt table done last month and 9 years of medical records diagnosed me with Pots/Dysautonomia. She told me to stay on the effexor because it controls the dizziness and she prescribed me a Beta Blocker Bystolic .5 mg and Kolonipin .5 as needed.

My question is how long does this beta blocker take to work? I ask because I started off with 1/2 of tablet 2.5 mg to be safe I know how I react to drugs but after about 2 hours I only felt slightly sleepy ... My heart rate really hasn't slowed down too much when I stand so I just took the other half about 30 minutes ago to see if it lowers my heart rate some more. I just checked it laying down right now it's 77 bpm... standing 106 ...

Do these things take a few days to get into your system? This is my first time taking a beta blocker so I don't know LOL ... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I don't know why she gave me Kolonipin as I don't feel like I need it I am not anxious now that I know what's wrong with me lol. On another note I do notice a calming effect this bystolic is having on me. I guess I will have to really monitor my Heart rate these next 2 weeks while I am up on my feet to see if it's helping keep it under control. I have a follow up Dr. Susan Philips in 6 weeks to see how the medication is working.

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I take Bystolic 5 mg every morning. I started it about a year ago. So, I'll try to remember how I felt. I started with 2.5 mg for 5 days and then up'd it to 5. I'm pretty sure I got relief within a day or two. I was so tachy all day and had strong cardiac awareness with palpitations, especially at bedtime. I don't remember it making me as sleepy as the other bb's I've been on. And that's one of the things they brag about this new bb for.

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Thanks for your input!! I noticed after I took the second half of the bystolic .5 my heart rate is staying in the low 90's while upright. I hope it continues. I am actually pretty shocked that I have not felt any side effects as of yet just a little sleepy at first and a sense of calmness. I really hope this drug can keep my heart rate's in check. Thank You again for your input!!! So far this beta blocker seems pretty mild. Compared to those antidepressent's.

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