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Symptoms with Vertical Posture?


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How many of you "feel bad" when either sitting or standing still for long? I'm more interested in the "bad feeling" that is NOT related to pre-syncope or feeling faint or graying out. How does it feel when you "feel bad" and what do you do about it when it happens? How long can you withstand the vertical posture before symptoms occur?


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I have felt "bad" for many years when standing. On a GOOD day I can tolerate five to ten minutes standing at the kitchen sink and that's because I am able to lean against the counter. It's actually less uncomfortable for me to walk than stand unless I am very weak or my gait is especially impaired.

I can sit for several hours at a time as long as my legs are horizontal and I have support for my head.

My solution is to sit down if standing or to lie down propped up on pillows if sitting.

I have never come up with an adequate description of how it feels.

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I've described it like having the flu .... I just feel sick kind of all over. Weak. Sometimes my body aches. Then I lie down and in a little while I feel OK .... until I try standing for a while again!

During my tilt table test on Monday they kept me up for 25 minutes ... I haven't done that before for years. They asked me how I "felt" and I said I feel like %$%^. Then I realized they were writing that down in my notes so I tried to be more graceful in my choice of adjectives :-)

On a "good day" like last spring .... I could walk for maybe an hour (SLOWLY) in the supermarket and stand maybe 5 minutes in one place. I could sit at a meeting or behind my desk for maybe 2 hours before I'd need to take a break and lie down with my feet up.

Lately it's been more like being able to walk (VERY SLOWLY) for maybe 7 minutes and standing is only 1 -2 minutes at a time. At my current best I can sit up for maybe an hour in the afternoon. And then it's time to put up my feet and let the blood flow back up to my head.


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