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Very Interesting Paper About Dysautomia And Joint Hypermobility

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Extraarticular manifestations of the joint hypermobility syndrome may include the peripheral nervous system. The purpose of this study was to investigate autonomic function in patients with this syndrome.


Forty-eight patients with the joint hypermobility syndrome who fulfilled the 1998 Brighton criteria and 30 healthy control subjects answered a clinical questionnaire designed to evaluate the frequency of complaints related to the autonomic nervous system. Next, 27 patients and 21 controls underwent autonomic evaluation: orthostatic testing, cardiovascular vagal and sympathetic functions, catecholamine levels, and adrenoreceptor responsiveness.


Symptoms related to the autonomic nervous system, such as syncope and presyncope, palpitations, chest discomfort, fatigue, and heat intolerance, were significantly more common among patients. Orthostatic hypotension, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, and uncategorized orthostatic intolerance were found in 78% (21/27) of patients compared with in 10% (2/21) of controls. Patients with the syndrome had a greater mean (? SD) drop in systolic blood pressure during hyperventilation than did controls (?11 ? 7 mm Hg vs. ?5 ? 5 mm Hg, P = 0.02) and a greater increase in systolic blood pressure after a cold pressor test (19 ? 10 mm Hg vs. 11 ? 13 mm Hg, P = 0.06). Patients with the syndrome also had evidence of α-adrenergic (as assessed by administration of phenylephrine) and β-adrenergic hyperresponsiveness (as assessed by administration of isoproterenol).


The autonomic nervous system?related symptoms of the patients have a pathophysiological basis, which suggests that dysautonomia is an extraarticular manifestation in the joint hypermobility syndrome.

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Thanks for sharing this - I have read others like it - but not this one in particular (but then again maybe I have - I love reading these studies!)........Pretty interesting, for sure. I've got that joint hypermobility syndrome and lately just feel pukey with all the stuff that has yet to be formally diagnosed and treated ANS wise -- well I guess it's semi under investigation.... It truly is a "syndrome" that is multi-system in it's effects ~ so much interesting stuff to me anyway about how we interpret pain, proprioception of body, the correlation with anxiety in life -- it's mind boggling how complex it is.... I had an adenosine stress heart test a couple years ago and it was bloody awful to endure - felt like I was dying and felt like each breath I could manage to gasp was gonna be my last - later I read that hypermobility syndrome patients would expect to because of how they were finding we were wired up in the autonomic nervous system....It's simply amazing -- anyway that's how I found this website -- was tachy and dizzy and confused -- but unique and not textbook - I seemed to have hyper symptoms and other things... Hope you are doing well this evening!

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