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Hallo Again

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Hi all, been gone awhile, so had trouble getting back on. Just a quick hallo to those that may remember me and a hallo to the new members, hoping anyone gone, is gone because they are so much better! My typing has gotten even worse, so sorry about that. Fumble fingers malloy....

Anyway, good to be back on....

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The great slippery slope has been dealing with me. In survival mode I guess. LOL. My BP used to be so high, now it's everywhere. My potassium won't stay out of the toilet and I'm in a chair all the time now. You all know I have other things besides POTS, just hard to weed it all out, because everything seems to weave together in some form or another. But it's nice to be among friends. My doc says I am dribbling away from him..lol. That about says it all. In more ways than one. I have managed to keep my two dogs pretty healthy, which I have not had lots of luck with in the past, we have been fighting for ssdi for Jake (son) for about 4 years now...sigh. Many know how that goes too. We actually found a little house with NO steps, oh how nice. So do what I can. I still try to take care of our troops as much as possible, but not nearly as much as I have.

Life dribbles on....lol. I seem to be having a lot of POTS sx, which haven't been at the forefront for awhile, so time to come back on and see what's new and improved...Nice to see familiar folks! morgan

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