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Optic Neuritis?


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For the last week, I noticed that in my left eye, there seems to be a bright speck in the side of my vision. When I cover my right eye and just use my left, in my peripheral vision everything looks distorted and blurry. Kind of how a migraine aura would be but this seems to be sticking around. I have both a doctor appointment and neurologist scheduled for next month so I plan on bringing it up then..but I was just wondering if anyone ever had this happen and if it just went away on its own.

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I get similar visual disturbances in both eyes occasionally and was diagnosed with optic migraines. No HA just vision changes. Mine have never lasted more than an hour though. Caffeine speeds up the recovery time for me as well! You should call your doctor just to make sure. They may want to see you sooner if it continues!


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I just made a post about something similar to this.

I get something like a camera flash stuck in my vision. It can any shape, size and last 2-3 days at times or just a few hours. Comes out of no where and is not related to anything I feel or was doing at the time. Often times I wake up with the spot.

I have no ideas what causes it and neither does 4 ophthalmologists. They just told me it is probably "ocular migraines", but I told them I don't even get headaches unless I don't eat for long periods of time or am underreplaced on my hydrocortisone.

If you figure anything out, let us know.

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