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Not Sure If Depression Or Very Bad Pots

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First i just wanted to say thank you to everyone that replies! i do read every reply, but i currently dont have internet at my house so i rely on my phone which wont let me reply ;)

Basically my POTS is pretty bad. i have constant headaches, flushing, migraines, dizzy, the whole works. weird part is that my hr and bp are pretty stable. I am a SAHM and i love my daughter but i have been feeling so out of it. now that i dont work i dont force myself to get out of bed as early, and its making me worse. i would love to go for a walk, but here in AZ its around 106 out! :ph34r: i am just at my wits end. I feel depressed but im not sure if its because of bad POTS/taking care of baby, or actual depression. i have read the checklist for depression, but a lot of symptoms such as increased fatigue are common with POTS! i just dont know about the anti depressant. i worked wonders for me last time, but i did horrible the first couple months until my body adjusted. i just cant take the risk of not being functional with the baby here. i just dont know what to do! its a nightmare!

and thank you all again! you guys truly are awesome! much more help from this forum than an actual doctor :P

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POTS alone would be enough, but a baby to boot, plus the after-effects of pregnancy would and did send me into a tailspin! You probably are depressed! Postpartum could do that. Have your thyroid levels checked. Mine went hypo after my second and I was weeping at The Tigger Movie! Once they were fixed, things were much better. Try the normal, non-medicine antidepressant stuff like sunlight and exercise (don't try supplements!!!!!,) and try to get enough rest without wallowing in bed all day (that was a hard one for me after I had my first one....I was exhausted all the time.) Give yourself a break, you just performed a miracle-----making a baby! Your body has to recover. If your insurance/budget will allow it, get a therapist. Just talking to someone can help as well. Good luck, sweetie, and don't be afraid to get help.

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Hi Dani,

Sorry you are having a difficult time.I developed POTS post partum so I feel for you.Its so hard to deal with a young baby and cope with feeling unwell too.Your body and mind are still recovering and adjusting and the lack of sleep plays havoc with your symptoms anyway.

Its hard to know when things slip into true depression but I second the previous comments about trying first to get out of the house for a walk/daylight(maybe early before things heat up too much) and also the company of other mums helps loads too.

My health clinic put me intouch with a couple of new mums in my area and I would meet up for a walk/chat etc which saved my sanity.

I tried to get up and start the day at a normal time and then rest in the middle of the day which is often easier said than done but its good to aim for!

I also found it enormously helpful to speak to a therapist.

Take Care.


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Hi Dani~

I also go through those periods of time when I'm used not sure if it's depression or not. Do you still shower and carry out your normal activities? Do you feel hopeless or just feel like you're going through a 'rough time'? My down period seems to have lasted for a looong time, now. I also see a counselor when I'm going through a particularly rough patch. I have one who deals with chronic medical issues and the pain and isolation we go through. It really does help, especially since we tend to be pretty isolated!

I'll be in Phoenix at the end of the month for a couple of days if you'd like to get together and chat! Just PM me....



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I agree that you should have thyroid checked. Even slightly low thyroid can wreak havoc--depression, fatigue, etc--when my thyroid levels are not good my POTS is much worse as well.

An SSRI really helped me when I was very sick with POTS postpartum. I didn't think I was depressed, but I was extremely, abnormally weak and exhausted due to POTS and after a rough couple of weeks of adjustment I got slowly better. Could someone give you extra help for a couple of weeks (if needed) while you adjust to an SSRI?

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