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Sorry to bring this back up! But I am not sure how to search the forums, I hope it's okay if I repost a topic that I know has been discussed before..

I know that alcohol consumption makes some feel better, others worse, but I am wondering how many of us get a much more rapid heart beat a few sips into a beer or wine? I read a lot that rapid heart rates are not uncommon hours after drinking due to dehydration, but mine occur very shortly after drinking. The rapid heart rate is much worse upon standing, which is not normally a symptom of mine. Any theories as to what causes the sudden heart rate change?

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Alcohol is a vasodilator so it causes blood vessels to open up in skin etc (hence red face some people get!)Your heart then has to beat faster to pump blood around a larger area.

Maybe we react more quickly due to our sensitive systems, I feel the effects straightaway too.

Perhaps this is why some people feel better,they could be overconstricted and it relaxes their blood vessels.

I have EDS/POTS and therefore am assumed to be too overdilated already so I think thats why I feel bad after a couple of sips!

Shame, I miss a nice glass of wine.


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to search the forum, click on the "search" word at the top right of the page. Then enter the word you want to search or phrase into the small window that opens once you've clicked. Hit "go" and all the posts that meet your search will show up as a list.

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