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Well I Guess I Am Feeling Better


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I seem to be able to handle some activity now but for some reason now my panic button is being hit.

I felt pressured to help a friend out at work and the trip with the kids in the car was horrible. just horrible.

This is basically how I was last summer to try to drive anywhere in the car my throat would tighten up on me and I'd feel like I wasn't getting any oxygen.

By the time I reached my parents I felt as if I would just collapse but vitals were good.

I laid down for 30 minutes and then headed out again-it wasn't much better alone.

Went to work and I was there probably for an hour before I felt okay.

I would not have done this to myself but my boss also put me down for 4 hours Sunday.

I may even see if I can get someone to take me.

Maybe if I don't have the driving stress it will not take my stress levels as high.

I see my doctor Tuesday and I can't wait.

I definitely need meds.

I seem to do okay riding in the car just not driving.

I had taken 1/4 of my xanax and then repeated 1/4 during the drive.

It clearly wasn't enough for my level of panic but I also felt like I could just faint so I was afraid to hit the xanax too hard.

My bp's were in the high 80's and 90's.

I had some blips up but didn't want to get hypotensive when I really couldn't lay down anywhere.

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This may sound crazy, but have you ever tried zyrtec? It's an OTC antihistamine. If so, how do you react to that? I went through a period of time where my throat tightened up every time I was in the car too....


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Well the throat tightening up on me sounds like anxiety.

I am honestly having a lot of difficulty sorting this all out.

I had so much difficulty with the Claritin that I have not tried any other antihistamines.

Usually a Xanax will calm me down and I did take a small dose but it was not working.

I really should keep some type of journal and record exactly what occurs during these episodes because they are all so different.

Thanks a lot for responding Mack's Mom.

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as soon as i get nervous i experience the same thing. If i know that i have to drive on my own and i dont feel really well, my throut tightenes up, but as soon as lets say, somebody drives me..., it dissapears within a minute. This also happenes when if i get terrified because of whatever reason. I noticed that my breathing isnt right in those moments as well so i try to do the 4 breaths in, for breaths out tactic.

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Yes I had to control my breathing all the way and who knows I could have even hyperventilated myself into that feeling that I was just floaty.

I had to make three stops on the way into work and tried to stop to go into a gas station for a snack to take with me.

As soon as I stepped out of the car it just felt like my bowels were going to open up-like I lost control-just a feeling nothing happened and I felt like my bp bottomed out on me. I didn't try to walk in I got back in the car instead and just wanted to give up.

I don't like being anywhere this way. It's too scary.

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iam so glad, that i dont have to drive to work by myself anymore due to all the reasons you just mentioned. Iam very lucky because my sister and now even my boyfriend work at the same company and that makes my life so much easier. But i know exactly what your talking about. All the best for you

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Thank you so much.

I do want to see if I can get this under control with some meds if possible.

I have four kids and it's not really practical or possible to find other people to take them everywhere they need to go.

I'm hoping to be back behind the wheel within a couple weeks if possible.

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