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Bronchoscopy With Biopsy


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I recently has a CT and they found a small mass in my lower left lung lobe. Could be something from my past pneumonia, but doc wants to do a bronschoscopy and biopsy to check it out.

I am wondering if anyone has experienced a bronchoscopy and/or know of any risks involved with it for POTS patients. My doctor assures me that it should be fine and risks are quite low. Primarily they would give me a drug to make me sleepy (NOT general anesthesia), and put a numbing drug in my throat, push a scope down and get to the mass, then use a needle to get some cells out for biopsy.

I was diagnosed with POTS following my pneumonia last feb, and been trying to recover from it ever since. I have recovered about 40% of my lost weight and energy after 5 months. But my POTS standing HR are still up to 100-120; however I am not on any medications yet.



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I don't know about the test. But, it may explain some of your POTS issues. There is an illness that affects the lungs and can cause POTS symptoms. Let us know what you find out. It is probably a good idea to do the test.

I had a recent surgery and that is how they treated me, because of the POTS. I did just fine. They were afraid to put me completely out, because of the POTS and issues I've had with past surgeries.

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