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anyone have this?


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I'm new to this site and wondering if it's POTS that I have.I'll try to keep this short.

I have been to every doctor I can think of

Family- vasovagel(sp) reaction to almost passing out in Winn-Dixie

Rhumotologists(sp) ton of blood work (nothing)

cardiologist -rapid heartbeat -echo-normal blood work-normal tilt table-normal

hemotologist -ton of blood work-normal

vein specialist-no varicose veins -calf pump works fine-ultrasound show no blood clots.

Probably saw another doctor I can't think of right now!

Any way, I'ts not that I passout often, Just get dizzy sometimes. Scares me when this happens in a store and I have my kids with me than have to drive home.

My biggest concern is everytime I stand my legs and arms if hanging down turn all purple and spotted. I'm usually cold (OH) just remembered endo docter for hypothyroid because so my symptoms but blood tests were normal.Fatigue,cold,dry skin, sounds like hypothyroid doesn't it, maybe i'ts pots . I don't think they know much about it here in Louisiana. If anyone has this and knows what helps, please let me know. I am to ashamed to wear shorts anymore. Even in 100 degree heat out here I lood like I'm nearly frozen.



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Hi Tanna,

I think many of us on the forum have problems like you described. Purple, blotchy legs can be caused by blood pooling in them. I wear compression hose to combat the pooling. You might want to read through the POTS Place pages at www.dinet.org



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Guest tearose

Hi Tanna and welcome! I'm sure you would have won the lottery but instead you have these odd symptoms! I too get purple blotches on my legs and arms. My purple times are usually in the cold weather, the frozen food aisle of the market, in water, when ill or very overtired,... There are many symptoms that are more an annoyance than a problem, but as you learn more you will also learn what works for you. You may need to put on a sweater to help you warm up and then minutes later take it off because you feel too hot! Don't worry about what other people are thinking! If it is 100 degrees or zero, you should take care of yourself without those "other people" concerns.

Look through the historic posts here too. I learned about microwavable heating pads and now use them to warm myself up when all else fails.

I hope you find a good doctor to help you figure out what is happening to you. Keep on asking your questions. Best regards, tearose

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