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Article on low BP


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I don't suffer from low BP, but just wanted to let those here who do that there's an article in this month's Health Magazine about it. It doesn't reveal anything new to you -- mentions midodrine -- but at least it is becoming an acknowledged condition.


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Guest tearose

Thanks for the lead Amy!

Briar, what happened to you today? A pots related article passed by you!!!

Okay girlfriend, what are you up to? This is not like you!

Finally got to the laundry???

I expect to see the link here shortly... with a stuffy nosed smile, tearose

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Oh TeaRose

You never cease to make me Laugh :lol:

I spent 2 hours on the floor today trying to get the water heater relit. My dad did it for me 2 days ago and the heater is only 2 years old. I thought things came in three not two :rolleyes: Anyway I called the manufacturer and they are going to replace my water heater but I have to do all the labor myself, lol. What a funny day :P

I'll try to be on top of things tomorrow!

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It was actually in November's Health. I posted about it on November 9th but I don't think anyone saw the post, it kind of got lost so thanks for reminding everyone about it again.

I thought it was a pretty good article because at least it recognozed that low BP can be a problem and is not always a good thing to have as has been thought by the medical community. Although it didn't really tell us anything we don't know but the validation was nice.

It talked about CFS but didn't mention dysautonomia although I think DR Robertson from Vanderbilt was quoted.


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[Tired of being tired?

Women who are easily fatigued may have unusually low blood pressure to blame. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that women with a systolic pressure (the top number) of less than 100 are five times more likely to report problems with fatigue, notes a story in the November issue of Health magazine.

German and Austrian doctors, who regularly treat low blood pressure as an illness, estimate that some 17 to 22 percent of their populations have fatigue problems that interfere with their lives.

If your blood pressure is low and you're frequently tired, drink more water and boost your salt intake. For severe cases, a physician may prescribe midodrine, a medication that constricts your blood vessels, or fludrocortisone, a steroid that helps the body retain salt.

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okay, tearose, i have been reading your posts under several topics the past few days and laughing soooo hard! you might not win merrill's cookie prize for solving her puzzle...but you sure win the prize for humor this week! what kind of cookie would you like? :)

i love your line...don't you have some laundry to do? he-he. you crack me up.

yeah, for me, i gotta feel well enough to DO the laundry. hasn't happened! all the stairs and stuff! eek!

anyway, thanks for keeping us smiling...potshole and all.

also, briarrose...love that you are our 'research associate'...and i agree, it is good that at least that stuff is getting out there. my step-sister is like that...no POTS but her bp is like 90/60 all of the time and i think she is kind of tired and low-energy...but i don't know her very well. she has fainted a few times.

well, i may not have laundry to do, but i do need to get myself something to EAT!


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Guest tearose

oh my, you all make me feel so appreciated...I am only reflecting back what you all give me!

sigh, aren't we a fortunate bunch of dinetters.

really, you are all very special to me so like it or not, where I go I take you with me. From the pits of the hole to the farthest tiny star...

enough said, or Ill' get all teary eyed.

Hope that burner is repaired soon briar! Glad you weren't out of commission for other reasons. Are you really able to install the replacement yourself? I thought those were big and heavy? Be careful!

Emily...I'm glad you are laughing, it sure helps me to get through the day! But do you think I'm out of Merrill's contest?

Now about that cookie you offered..I'll take either a black and white cookie or a toll house. If the b&w has tons of icing that is good. But, if the toll house cookie is soft and warm that is better...what the heck, I'll take both!

To tie this all back to low blood pressure...if we did not cultivate friendships such as these, we would not be typing on the keyboard, which raises ones blood pressure to a healthier level in persons suffering from low blood pressure.

Till next time, tearose

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Just wanted to add that Emily, you make me laugh too. Have you ever noticed that at the end of you emails you're always running off to get something to eat. I thought I was the only one who ate 24/7, but I think you take the cake on that! (no pun intended). :)

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ohmygosh gena! you just made me laugh, and i needed that so much tonight.

you eat 24/7 too? i am always eating you are right! feed me every 2-3 hours and i am fine. otherwise, cranky, POTsy, nauseas, etc. etc. i have been this way ever since i was born, and it hasn't changed.

my mom thinks i am a bottomless pit. i drive everyone nuts b/c i eat soooo much, and don't put on the weight. i should weigh a million pounds given what i eat and my low activity level.

i am glad to know there is someone else out there like me! :)

eat, sleep, poop, pee...oops, sorry. some things never change, huh?

plus, since i have so many food intolerances i eat a lot of fruits, veggies, lean meats, so it doesn't keep you feeling as full, you know?

anyway, thanks to you all for brightening my day. ever have those 'flat' days. hey, what was the original topic here? i forget.

well, i'm not off to eat. i'm off to sleep!


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