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Awareness Color?

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I'm not certain that an official color has been chosen to represent dysautonomia; I will put a note in and ask Michelle if she knows. I know what when we made bracelets a few years ago, we used royal blue and used a single puzzle piece. Unfortunately a few years later, the "Autism Speaks" organization picked the same icon in a lighter color. :)


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Can't we just use the stop sign w/ "POTS" instead of STOP? I don't know who originally came up w/ it but it's fabulous! I'm a graphic designer... I could convert it into vector art for logo use...

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Erin - I can easily create a background color of white fading down into scarlet, but could not find a ribbon shape into which to insert it, and my hand is not steady enough to freehand the outline (thanks, POTS). How would you produce the ribbons anyway?

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