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Need Ideas On How To Cope With Bad Cold Virus

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Hi! So I've forgotten how to cope through a really bad cold virus. I've had many colds since having POTS, however, this one is really kicking my butt! Any ideas on how to get through this as it's causing my insomnia to flare, hard time breathing due to lots of congestion, and just feeling even more sick than my normal sick. I can't take decongestants because of the heart rate side effects and I tried benedryl which I normally can tolerate, but with this cold, it made me feel like I couldn't breath. Any suggestions on how to cope welcomed :o

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Hi Tammy, sorry to hear you're feeling like this! Have you tried sticking your head over a sink and inhaling eucalyptus oil/steam? I find that helps relieve congestion for a little while at least. Also, phenergan seems to be able to help with that plus send you to sleep at night without effecting heart rate.

Hope you're feeling better soon :angry:

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hang in there! i get super discouraged when i get sick - even if its just a cold - because it just ANOTHER day i'm sick. i want to be better! i tend towards natural remedies before antibiotics or OTC drugs as much as possible so i have a few recommendations for you:

Congestion: get ginger root (available at most grocery stores) and thinly slick about 1" of it up. add it to 1 cup of water and boil on high until bright yellow and fragrant. then keep your head over the steam for as long as possible as many times a day as possible. breathe through your nose for sinus/head congestion or through your mouth for chest congestion.

Sore throat: gargle warm (not hot) water mixed with apple cider or white vinegar (about 1 TBSP vinegar per 8 oz water)

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