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It's Only June!!

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So, it's been a bit unseasonably warm here (mid-90's with humidity about the same, so heat index of at least 100), but normally if it's hot early in the summer here, it will be especially horrible later in the summer. I'm already dying right now, and I've nearly fainted at least 6 times in about at 15 minute span just being outside in the heat. My feet especially will swell up and turn some interesting shades of red and purple. I used to hate the cold in the winter, but since my surgery this past Nov that set off the POTS, I can see that now winter will be the preferred season for me as it's far easier to cover up with extra layers than it is to not feel like I'm cooking in the inside. I also don't sweat like I should... either I don't sweat at all (other people will be drenched with sweat and I'll have just a very small sheen on my forehead), or I am sweating buckets. It's never really the same two days in a row.

Any advise on how to survive this summer??

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Hi Ericka -

I know that the only way I can survive the heat of summer is staying indoors with air conditioning on high. I also have cushions that get cold when you sit on them or as I do, place them behind my back to keep me a little cooler in hot weather. But even with these, I can't tolerate being outside more than about 15 minutes. Keeping your head wet with cool water can also help some and drinking plenty of fluids too. You can try wetting a bandana and freezing it and than take it out and tie it around your neck when you must go outside for a bit also. I can relate to the sweating issues... either I sweat a ton or not at all and always at the wrong times as my body doesn't seem to understand when to do what.

Hopefully you can find a few ideas that help :o


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There are ways to "tolerate" the heat better, and I use them all. Eating ices, ice cream or a cold beverage does wonders for a few minutes. Keeping a water squirt bottle with me and squirting myself, my clothing and my head are a must. I have my handy, dandy, gold reflector type umbrella with a black underside, purchased from Target...I love it. Covering the head with a cool covering or, as someone said, a "cool wrap" bandanna used by bikers. Cool vests (which I do not have.). And minding your symptoms and coming in for a breather in the ac once in a while.

I cannot go outside unless I "squirt myself" with water. I may look weird, but it works for me.

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With you on that one!! I hired a babysitter to take my kids outside so I can hibernate as much as possible. I live in Arkansas and I'm definitely feeling the heat. Looking forward to my trip to WI in a few weeks where hopefully it'll be a bit cooler. I'm also planning on looking for a cooling vest of some type. The other thing I did was apply for a disabled parking tag. That saves some treks through hot steamy parking lot.


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Here in Tucson, we carry chilled water with us everywhere. I usually dump in an electrolyte tablet, but it's extremely important to keep yourself hydrated when it's so hot out. I also go straight from my air conditioned car to another air conditioned place, and having a handicapped parking sign makes that much easier. I rarely use mine in the winter, but in summer, it's a must.

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Okay here's our beach list that humanb requested.

Cooler full of ice and ice water

You can get those polymer ties at wal-mart that puff up with cold beads and tie around your neck.


Short walk from car to beach.

Stay in the water a lot.

I love to BOB. isn't bobbing heaven? can I go?


RELAX and try and not be afraid BUT this is the 1st year I have felt heat fear too.

$$Store spray bottle that you will keep in the cooler and use a lot

I've decided I'll just go with a really skimpy bathing suit and buy a gauze cover up and then just go sit in the shallow water.

This is my plan so far. If I stay wet I should stay cool. I've never really been a sweater. I don't know that I'm very good at it.

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