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Rene S.

Calcium Channel Blockers

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Hi. Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. Things just haven't been going well. I feel like Im in a downward spiral. I just want we all do - some semblance of normalcy.

I've been having what my dr. calls hyperadrenergic surges. B/P heart rate go through the roof. I shake uncontrollably and it's almost like a severe anxiety attack. My dr even thought that's what it was until he admitted me to the hospital and found my white blood count had soared then dropped down to normal. He apologized profusely for thinking it was sheer anxiety. He did give me a shot of ativan, which calmed the shakes.

Anyway, at that point I was taken off an ACE inhibitor and put back on a low dose beta blocker. I hesitated since I knew that it could cause heart spasms. Variant, vaso or Prinzmetal's. Sure enough, I had lots of spasms which were helped with nitro.

Now my primary is telling me to take norvasc 2.5mg as needed but I never heard of it being dispensed that way. I've tried it in the past and found it caused funky rythms and high tachy. Also have tried Cardizem CD in the past and that just seemed to aggitate me.

My cardio said betas are the best thing and even if they cause spasms, that I should take nitro or go on a nitro patch.

Sorry this is running long. I know that betas are contraindicated for spasms.

Just wondering if anyone has had success with CCBs and which one worked and what side effects if any, did you notice?

Thank you all for still being here for me. It's been a rough couple of months and could use your support.



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I have been on Cartia XT( a ccb) and Coreg for a few years now after trying numerous meds & med combos. I tolerate these two meds better than any I have tried.

Good luck finding the right med for you!


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Cardizem CD and Cartia XT are the same thing, the Cartia XT is the generic version. The Cardiez CD is what my Neuro perfers me to use. She feels the generic on some people don't work as well.

I love the Cardizem CD I have less chest pain, used to take nitro, now I don't have to. It covers my Raynauds otherwise my hands and feet are super freezing

cold. I can't take many meds for my heart due to allergic reactions so when I find one that works I'm happy. We seem to be a lot a like in ways.

I hope you will find some Peace Rene and choose a med... I don't choose mine the doctors choose mine and I try them all out as there are not many options when your is so sensitive. WE usually try one at a time due to that reason. I wish you could just let go and let your higher power guide you as I see you struggle over every medication you take. I wish I was magic and could make you and everyone else here cured, But as of today I can't do that....

I love you Rene, and we have to take care of our bodies. I wish that meant not taking any meds at all. Dealing with potsie heart issues stinks.



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