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Bursting Feeling In Lungs


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Does anyone else experience a horrible bursting/overinflated sensation in their lungs? It feels like I have done some seriously hard exercise and also I feel like I am short of oxygen.

I have this feeling on and off, I often wake up with it and sometimes it passes sometimes it lasts all day.

I guess what I am asking is does it sound like a POTS thing, i am a bit worried it could be something else like a symptom of apnea as I wake up with it?

I notice lots of you have apnea, what made you suspect you had it?

Thanks guys.


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Hi Melanie,

I guess here lately knock on wood my lungs have felt better but yeah, that's one of the feelings I had.

Mine felt like my diaphragm was just paralyzed or something. I would get a tightness that would work it's way up?

I have times where I notice I hold my breath and then breathe mechanically for a while almost as if I don't think my brain will take care of that if I don't.

For me a lot of worry in general and focus on heart and breathing that just started out of the blue.

And weird sensations.

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There are breathing exercises you can try 7-11 breathing?

Where you inhale for the count of seven seconds and exhale for 11 seconds.

I can never breathe in that much air or exhale that much either but you can do what you can and just count through the rest.

If you are focused on your breathing, breathing at that pace should help you to not hyperventilate.

Also try to focus on blowing out all the stale air down in the bottom of your lungs.

And with the 7-11 breathing the focus should be on abdominal breathing if you can. Watching and feeling your abdomen rise and fall with the breath.

I know what it's like to puff through but this would be good exercise for your lungs.

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