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I like many experience migraines with POTS, but I tend to think that my migraines are being influenced by something else because they tend to be a little excessive so who better to ask. :rolleyes: Basically, i get instantaneous migraines anytime I go anything. If bend over, get upset, try to exercise (walk), basically anytime I get up and move around. I'll get out of bed and start moving around and migraine, but as long as I'm in bed resting, I'm great. Does anyone else get this?

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It's better for me if I can stay upright and moving for migraine -- which can be hard to do with pots.. It used to be that staying in bed, darkened room etc, helped but I find lying down will often bring on a migraine. In fact, I wake up from a night's sleep with most of my worst migraines.

I've got a really crappy migraine this morning even though I take (usually) pretty effective medication for it. I was started on Singulair last night for rash and allergies and food intolerances so I'm hoping that this is not the Singulair. It's hurting to look at the comp. screen but staying upright -- i have a desk-top so I have to be upright-- might counteract that and decrease pain.

Sometimes though, my migraine can get so bad I have to retreat to my bed in a darkened room and I dread having to do this as mostly it can make the really bad pain level last a longer time than if I was moving around as much as possible.


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