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Norepinephrine Results Back--lower When Standing??

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I got the numbers back, but haven't talked to the dr. Both tests were in the normal range of 70-750. Hers was 506 when lying and 306 after standing. This doesn't make sense to me. Or, could it indicate something else? Some other reaction to standing? Could the lab have messed up and got the two results mixed? Probably no big deal, but it seems a bit odd to me.

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this might be a good thing! Well kind of.

This could indicate either neurally mediated orthostatic hypotension from reduced sympathetic activity when standing or a rare condition that causes reduced production of norepinephrine. Does she also get ptosis (eye lid lag)?

Droxydopa would be something to look into. Anything else that replaces norepinephrine as a vasoconstrictor, such as midodrine or butchers broom might also help.

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