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Hi, I started Celexa 2 weeks ago, 10 mg split into 4. Just wanted to know if any of you that are on it have had the side affect of feeling a little drunk, confused and minor anxiety. My mind seems to wonder and think of negative things on this med. It is scary taking something that could change your personality. Thanks for any help/imput.

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Hi Nicole,

I never took Celexa, but I did try a Beta-Blocker/Prozac/Reserpine combination that a doctor by my house was experimenting with. I definitely noticed I was more uninhibited on the SSRI...not exactly the best of things for someone who is already quite outgoing. :)

As with any med, if you are experiencing more negatives than positives this might not be the right med for you. I wish you the best.


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Hiya, I've take Celexa for about 2 years now. The first few weeks, I was VERY aggitated. We were staying with relatives at the time, and I was having trouble not snapping at people, and in particular, one relative who has some very annoying habits. All of that passed after I was at my final dose of 20 mg for about 2 weeks (so four weeks of side effects in total, because I was at 10 mg for 2 weeks, then bumped to 20).


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Hi Nicole.

I've tried many SSRIs and gave myself about 3-4 weeks to see if the side effects would wear off. For me it never happened, and I tried Celexa, LexaPro, and Paxil. My side effects were usually a very hyper-stimulated feeling and sharp rise in blood pressure, not to mention the anxiety that came with it :)!

From what I have read on these boards most people do get over the side effects and find benefit from the SSRI class of meds. I hope this is the case for you. Best of luck,


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