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Did This Poll Awhile Back Too...

What is your STANDING heart rate OFF meds  

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Interested with not only symptoms in us POTSY's, but the actual numbers. The Mayo Neurologist seemed to be shocked at my standing heart rate and I was wondering why as I'm sure he sees many POTS patients .....

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I'm not on any meds and my standing heart rate just varies.

In the beginning it was the most difficult.

Trying to get ready to go to one of my first appts, my heart rate was at 140.

Following that I would zoom up to 170 and go into SVT's.

My resting heart rate has really come down and I'm not sure if it's because of the ablation or I am just recovering?

I realize that is not that bad comparatively and I am just lucky that I am able to function on any level.

Now over a year later I can handle more standing walking and activity.

I get symptomatic at what seems like out of the blue occasions.

It is probably my body just screaming-hey that's enough!

I've noticed a shift just here recently where instead of my pulse skyrocketing my blood pressure does instead and my pulse actually comes down to about 87? or so.

I'm sure it's just another response of my body to try to compensate but it's a different feeling.

I shoot up to high 120's and even 130 which I know if still in normal range but to my body with my norm of 90/60 it feels very strange.

I guess I'd much rather have it increase than bottom out.

Both feel bad though.

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Before taking any medication my heart rate was 134 lying down, and shot up to 180 when I stood up. Now that I'm on Pindolol, it stays under 130 when I'm standing most days. But like someone above me said, my heart doesn't always correspond with my symptoms. My blood pressure on the other hand is all over the place. Just a couple weeks ago I was feeling horrible so I took it and it was like 60/48 and then 10 minutes later it was 130/100. I think that's what causes most of my problems..But sometimes both my heart rate and blood pressure are fine and I still feel dizzy/weak, so I don't know what is going on with me...

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I can have perfect HR and BP and feel absolutely horrible!! I guess that would be the dysautonomia part....I always thought I would be cured if I could get my HR and BP under control but that is so far from the case :( My doc is always excited when my vitals are normal but I tell him I still feel like passing out....explain that!


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