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[h]ouse Episode On Pots!

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I don't think they measured the guy's pulse, but maybe I missed it. Seemed more like "severe OH" on the surface at least... but anyway it is just TV (or perhaps it happened too quick for me to catch).

I can say that I will not be telling many of my buddies that I have POTS now... thanks to the intertwining with a weird gay/not-gay dilemma in what is probably now the most "famous" mention of the condition. Oh well, thanks Hollywood. I'm sticking with the old name, "Soldiers Heart". Will get razzed less with that.

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Although the show didn't go into great detail of symptoms and proper diagnosis (and a few other inconsistencies), the concept of 'standing or sitting up causes faster heartrate' was made clear, "POTS" was mentioned many times and the full name of the syndrome was also stated, and that'll certainly help with awareness.

I doubt anyone watching the show made the erroneous assumption that one must be gay to have POTS and I'm certain that sexual orientation has nothing whatsoever to do with the syndrome. We are all homo sapiens and our common enemy is and should be POTS, not someone who is different. We, after all, are unlike 99.7% of the general population.

I wouldn't worry about a new doctor thinking you're a hypochondriac either, especially if you were diagnosed before this episode aired. The show is simply confirmation that the syndrome exists and is real - something many of us have been struggling to prove to others for a long time.

I believe it is season 6, episode 19 or 20, called "The Choice". It is being rerun in America on the USA network, on Thursday, May 13th, at 11pm Eastern time. You can also see it at fox.com/watch/house about eight days after the initial airing. It's not up yet, but should be in a day or two.

This is a good thing. Thank you, FOX.

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Here's a rough transcript related to POTS mention. 00:19:30 or so on episode time:

(Patient wakes up & talks about heart attack & "head trauma" with fiance... he lies to her about what the head trauma was... it may have been related to his "straightening out" treatment... discussed later by docs)

(Patient sits up & faints)

Fiance: He's having another heart attack?

Thirteen: I don't think so, his heart rate seems normal. (Taking pulse on neck)

Taub: Are you OK? You weren't discussing wedding plans were you? [subtext: Investigating psychogenic cause for syncope... missing fact that patient just lied about intense personal conflict subject... which is in fact potential psychogenic cause]

Patient: No, I guess I just... (faints again while sitting up again)

Taub: (continues sentence for patient) ...Fainted. (looks around)

---------- cut to walking down hallway with House ----------

House: POTS. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. BP plummets when he's upright, reverts to normal when he's lying down.

Taub: He was lying down both times we took his blood pressure. [subtext: Implies reason it could have been missed before... since BP hadn't been taken sitting or standing yet]

Thirteen: Retracted hypotension could have induced his heart attack, also explains the syncope...

Taub: ...and his aphasia. He was upright, then you lay him down in the bed to test him... BP reverted to normal, voice came back, jabbing with the needle had nothing to do with it.

Thirteen: POTS can be brought on by viral or bacterial infection such as mono.

House: Load him up with fludrocortisone...

(continues ongoing infidelity/trust theme/taunt with Taub)

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I have 2 episodes of House saved on my dvr that I have not watched yet... now I know what I am doing as soon as I get home tonight (that is as long as I don't fall asleep as soon as I have a chance to sit down... I am known for evening naps on the couch!).. but I am excited to watch this episode now!! Thanks for sharing this :)

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I'm glad y'all have posted about this. Thanks! I never would have known otherwise. I have tried watching House a few times, but found it too stressful. A show about a doctor with a bad bedside manner was not relaxing for me! I've heard that House has mellowed down some now, though, so maybe I should try watching it again.

Thanks for sharing the link, TypewriterGirl. I'll be watching the episode soon, I hope.


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