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octreotide for pots


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I have recently been diagnosed with severe pots although I've had it for several years no one knew what it was. The doctor I'm seeing for pots has me taking 75 mg atenolol and octreotide injections. I've read here where several of you are taking atenolol but has/is anyone taking octreotide injections? Thanks

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I Don't really know much about this drug, the Dr said he has had good results with it for pots patients with high blood pressure at times. It's not supposed to raise the blood presure like some of the other medications the ones he mentioned were proamatine and fluronef I've had 3 injections so far without any dramatic difference in symptoms but he started me on a low dose and plans to increase it so I figured I would try It a few more times to give it a fair chance.

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