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Blood pressure during sleep


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I used to worry about the same thing when I first started having POTs symptoms over the summer - my BP would get extremely low. When my BP is too low at night, my body responds with tachycardia that wakes me up. Even if I so much as roll over in the middle of the night, I get tachycardia if my blood pressure has dropped really low. And then if I try to sit up or go to the bathroom I get really dizzy and feel like I'm going to pass out. The tachycardia sends my BP back into the normal range, so I guess that's how my body handles it. It is scary to think about, but our bodies somehow try to compensate. I'm not really sure what the scientific/medical answer to your question is, but that's just how my body responds. :rolleyes:

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Hi Amy

One good thing about low blood pressure in sleep--you are lying down so your body is able to better compensate--you are less likely to pass out. I am quite sure that POTS has never caused anyone to go into a coma. I DO understand your fears and concerns. Please feel assured that nothing life-threatening will happen to you in your sleep due to POTS.


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I always know if my bp is too low at night because like others, tachycardia will wake me up. Over time I learned not to become alarmed and when my bp is lower than norm I find I sleep really well. I joke with my husband that if I am in my "coma sleep" do NOT wake me. It is when I get my most restful sleep and I think it is my body forcing me to rest.

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