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Reported A Midodrine Side Effect To The Fda, Etc


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There is a post about the Midodrine causing nipple pain somewhere on these forums.

For me, that side effect did not end when I stopped taking the drug. I still have severe nipple pain when I get cold, take vasoconstrictors like phenylepinephrine, or do not wear a bra. I stopped taking the medication at the end of February and fully expected the problem to gradually wear off. It hasn't.

The generic brand of Midodrine I took was manufactured by Global/Impax. They were a bit hard to get hold of, but after several calls and messages they called me back. The woman who took the info was very polite. I also filled out the online form for the FDA. That complaint report is sent to the manufacturer so they get a personal report and the official government report.

Yesterday I had so much pain I just got fed up with with it. I am mad that the damage appears to be permanent and affects so many areas of my life. If we report side effects like this, hopefully other people will be able to stop the medication sooner and avoid the permanent damage.

The worst thing is that the drug worked well, but the nipple pain hit a level 7 or more and that is unacceptable.

I have not had the courage to contact my neurologist about it, not sure if I wait till I see him in August or call sooner.

If you are reading this topic and have the painful nipple side effect, I encourage you to report it to the manufacturerer of you brand of Midodrine--their name will be on the pharmaceutical bottle. You can google the company and get the 800 number. The more of us who report side effects will make the drug safer for everyone to take

Thanks for reading and taking action.

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