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Tachycardia Gone Up Again

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My tachycardia has been really bad and I've just been put on Ivabradine to bring my racing heart rate down. Was 156, treatment brought it down to 75. Doctor and me very pleased. My body felt like I'd got it back after renting out to a mountain climber; very considerable change to how my body felt - good change I hasten to add. v.v.good in fact.

Over the last three weeks, despite taking the meds, my heart rate has gone back up. Not as bad, about half as bad. Max at around 110. Body feeling bad again, though only half as bad. Miffed and disappointed.

Since the actual cause of my tachycardia is not known ( but there must be some underlying cause*), I have a horrid feeling the underlying cause may be fighting against the new mediaction to re-assert itself. ie. treating the symptom may be useless.

Is this familair to anyone?

*the consultant said it was hypotension causing tachycardia, but he has changed his mind and has said it might be a virus

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I'm going through this right now. Usually, I will start off with worse than usual tachycardia for a day or two and wonder, "What is going on?" Then, I will suddenly get sick (usually a virus of some sort). It's like my body starts responding with tachy as soon as the little viruses enter it, then the sickness shows up later.

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Griffin- I feel like I'm stalking you- I just replied to your beta blocker post :rolleyes: My HR without meds was 100-150 resting and quickly rose to 170's with standing. Since I've been on the Nadolol- haven't any episodes of tachy. One Cardio took me off Atenolol and then left town with no one covering. Two days after stopping cold turkey, my husband had to drive me back from Maine to go to the local clinic. No fun-

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Thanks all.

Should add, I have low blood pressure so doctor is trying to avoid beta blockers.... but may end up having to have them.

Also, the thinking that it may be caused by a virus is not specifically that I am suffering from a virus now, but that one in the past caused all this. Personally I am pretty sure this all started with Glandular Fever in the early nineties.

My tachycardia is permanent, it doesn't come and go. It varies in how bad it is randomly throughout the day, but with the POTS definition of rising >30 on standing from lying.

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