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I've just started taking a higher dose of salt pills. Yesterday, I took two 1 gram pills at different times. No problems. At night, I took one right after dinner and minutes later, I was vomiting. Do you take them on an empty stomach?

My doc just doubled my Florinef to two pills/day. Since then, I've had a couple of days where I am so exhausted I can't really function. Is this typical?

Does anyone have any advice?

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I'm not sure how typical it is, but I've had major fatigue, headache and moodiness hit for a couple days while initially starting fludro then it passed. As I push my dose I think it does tend to fatigue me, but at a more modest dose I don't think so (at least not too much). But of course, I never know for sure what to attribute things to... just varying fatigue from POTS or fatigue from the med. I just aim for a middle ground between these things as best I can (between bouts of near-fainting all the time vs. maybe being slowed down by the med). In general docs seem to have some symptoms to jump on right away and some to kind of endure to see if they pass as your body adjusts to the new med amounts. If lucky, things might balance out to a better point in time... so long as symptoms aren't dangerous.

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Salt tablets should be taken with meals. I took one once before a meal and it was awful! I was able to get food and drink in me before I threw up, but I came very close to throwing up. I'm surprised that taking salt tablets immediately following a meal made you throw up. Had you eaten a small meal? Or perhaps two tablets was one too many for you? You can check with your doctor to make sure you are getting the right amount of fluids and food with your salt tablets.

I don't know about the Florinef. I've tried it a couple of times, but it never did anything noticeable for me. Hopefully someone else can help you there.


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