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I've had this problem for years. My neck is red most of the time and bright red once in a while. It looks almost like a shaving irritation. But I've tried razors, electrics and nothing at all, but it doesn't have any effect. It's just red.

The redness is from my chin down to around adam's apple and from ear to ear.

For years people have said 'what's wrong with your neck?' and I always say nothing, but now I'm wondering, maybe it's not my neck. Maybe it's related to my B12 anemia or blood circulating problems from ANS.

I'd hate to have to move south of the border just to fit in. Hee Haw, I got my red neck, white socks, and blue ribbon beer!!!

Yank <_< , I mean Frank

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Hey Frank, got to love that Yank joke. I have no idea if it is related to ANS stuff. It could be, I have noticed more ruddiness and flushing since having POTS. Have you tried pressing on it and seeing if your skin goes back to white after gentle pressure is applied? This might help you figure out if it is a circulation thing. Neck skin is very delicate. My father has a permanently red neck (he is 47) from sun damage. Years of tans and sunburns (he works outdoors) has led to little broken capillaries and general ruddiness that looks like a mix between shaving rash and a sunburn on already tan skin. It stays that way year around. I also know skiers and those that work in the cold and wind can have something similar happen with the micro-circulation. Surprisingly, my dad doesn't have this problem on his face (probably because he wore a hat). Just an idea, but it may not be what I'm thinking of at all.

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