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My son has taken it every day for at least a year. No side effects that we're aware of...of course, the kid suffers from a great many problems, so how do you know what is attributable to what? But he recently did an experiment where he took it every other day for a couple of weeks, to see if a smaller dose would be somehow beneficial. He did not notice a lessening of POTS symptoms, but he did gradually begin getting constipated, so he's back to every day.

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I've used it daily for 2 years now. No problems at all. No cramping, no side effects at all. Just does what it's supposed to! :lol:

I am super sensitive to any new drugs but this one was no problem. we are all different though. the great thing about miralax though is that since it is a powder you can titrate up as slowly as you want if that makes you more comfortable. start with a whisper and build from there...

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Ditto- dsdmom's experience. The only negative side effect for me is a bit of nausea at times. I take a high dose, around a double shot, all at once. I sometimes take 1/4 of a phenergan with it if that queeziness is troublesome. I take it at night as the phenergan makes me sleepy. After morning coffee- I'm off to the races...It makes me feel 100% normal.

It may take a few days to start working. But once it does, it will continue to do so as long as you take it religiously. I've taken it safely for years.

All the best-


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