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So, It's St. Patrick's Day.

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So, it's St. Patrick's Day. I live at a heavy-drinking college, and literally no one is not drinking.

Except me. I have tried on a few different occasions to stomach liquor...but the last time was the final straw. I simply can't drink alcohol with POTS without feeling like I'm at death's door 6 hours later.

The pressure here to drink is immense; I'm literally a social hermit now in large part due to the fact that drinking (and smoking cigarettes) are literally the only forms in which people socialize. Literally every night it's the same deal and tonight is the worst.

Today is very depressing, especially following Valentine's Day last month. It's real nice outside and I was pumped for today, but once it got to nighttime I've gotten pretty down. I just want to be able to do something.

Well anyway, just wondering if anyone else feels something similar today?

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I miss my Guinness. I have to be Gluten Free now.

I was 'allowed' to have an occasional alcoholic beverage per my doctor. We have to live a little. One drink on occasion didn't bother me too much. Now I can have wine, but it doesn't work on St. Patrick's Day!

I can imagine, in college, this would be harder. I walked by a display of Guinness today and was sad.

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Hi Shimoda,

I think I can relate to how you're feeling. I was really going off alcohol when my POTS started, and I was studying at the time. I've also studied in North America so I have an idea of what it might be like. Lots of people around me were letting off steam by going out to parties and getting drunk. I was frustrated, but I started to realise that generally I wasn't actually missing out on much when I didn't drink and went home earlier than everyone else. It wasn't worth feeling like crap.

I realised that I could still have a good time with my friends, and I like to think that I'm seen as someone who has good ideas of things to do that DON'T involve drinking. It's not very imaginative to just go to the pub. So I would ring them up and do something as simple as just going for little walks with them. Often we'd end up in an unfamiliar part of town, and get rained on. Stuff like this is more memorable than being drunk at another party. Plus sometimes my friends would be hungover and I felt a little pleased that I wasn't the only one feeling dizzy and nauseous etc. hehe.

But yes, I certainly understand that it's hard when alcohol is generally used so so often as a way for people to be able to get to know each other.

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I can't drink either. One glass of wine will get me giddily drunk. I had one shot, once - the immediate illness I felt was NOT worth it.

I'm about 4 years post college. I'm in grad school. Everyone here drinks too - often to excess and pretty much everyone drank in college - except me. Over the years I've learned a couple things. 1) If you can drive, you are always the designated driver. Most people are perfectly willing to accept that and won't put pressure on you to drink, especially if you drive them home at the end of the night. 2) Order a virgin drink if you are at a bar, but tell people it isn't a virgin drink. ie - order a coke, but call it a rum and coke, or orange juice and call it a screwdriver. 3) Have a table/ couch where you can sit down if you need to.

I've played drinking games with coke. It works out well. Say beer is gross and play the game with your "drink".

There are plenty of things you can do if you don't drink so you can still associate with the drinking crowd. I played the game throughout college and am playing it in graduate school. Those who know me, know that I don't drink. Most don't know why but are happy to have a consistent DD around. GO out. Go to Karaoke or trivia night. Don't let POTS and the inability to drink cramp your social life unless you have to.


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GO out. Go to Karaoke or trivia night. Don't let POTS and the inability to drink cramp your social life unless you have to.

Also, I don't drive. Not sure its the safest thing for the other drivers. So the DD thing is out, and I am not going to a frat house. Ever. Like ever, ever.

So, yeah...

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I hear ya. We are big time irish here, and all day I kept walking past the whiskey bottle that I have put up and wanting to take a swig soooooooo bad, but I just cant do alcohol anymore. Screw the people on the campus. Find a good book and cuddle up. They are the ones who are going to flunk out because they are too worried about the next big party. You are the better person for knowing your limits. (((((((HUGS)))))))))


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I can't drink either--other than a sip here or there. I do find it embarrassing more than anything when I am out with peers and everyone is having a drink and I am ordering water. And I enjoy the taste or wine or beer and miss it.

I'd rather have that problem tho than alcoholism-- which can be very serious and disabling, and often begins in the college years.

I remember that in college it could be hard to be out and not drinking--a lot of pressure. I never drank much (even back then I was sensitive to alcohol), and after my freshman year tired of the party scene and found friends who, while enjoyed a drink, enjoyed doing other things besides over-doing the drinking and partying.

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