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Keeping The Heat Off Our Heads In Summer.

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I don't know about you but I cannot go out in the summer as the heat fro the sun makes me feel very unwell indeed.

I have around 20-30 pairs of sunglasses and so many sun hats I could open a shop !!!!!!

BUT...........this still makes little if any difference.

I have a wedding to go to in mid May of this year and have been searching the net for ideas .............and found an Asian site ( in the USA) who make the most awesome paper sun parasols :o:P , fans and all sorts of things.

Today I have ordered a pure white parasol to use with posh outfits and a cream hand painted one to use for everyday , along with this 10 paper white fans to keep in the car , by the front door and in hand bags !

None of the items are expensive , the parasols cost from about $5 upwards ( ?3.90) and they have some utterly beautiful ones in store.

If any one wants to know the site just add the country above with ideas behind it and I can tell you you will spend ages just going through the items they sell and its safe as you can use Pay-Pal .

I'm hoping that for once this summer I can go out shopping , visit the sea side and do all the things 'normal people do' under my very pretty parasols and may be set a new summer style of elegance ................. :lol: well one can only try cant you .

Ami xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I had actually thought of using parasols. My personal opinion is I use an umbrella, preferably with a dark undercoat. This really helps keep the heat off. I also squirt myself with water. This is a must. A light-colored parasol may not keep enough light/heat off your head. Just my opinion from my own experiences.

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This is my first summer with POTS, I have been pretty much bedridden for 6 months.

I was looking forward to going outside and laying in a lounge chair, reading a book, taking a radio outside.

It's almost warm enough now (60 degrees on Long Island this week).

I know I always feel hot in the house (thermostat at 70), usually just wear shorts and a tank top, but my feet are always cold.

But as far as being outside, how bad is it? Can I lay out in a shady spot? Is it the sunshine or the heat that is the worst.

I guess I should get out there now.

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I tend to not deliberately stay in the sun because it can set off an autoimmune response if you have any AI diseases (so I understand). As for heat vs. sun, it's regulation of core body temperature that can be a problem.

From my own experience, once the "heat headache" sets in, its too late for me, and the only remedy at that point is for me to get inside where there is air conditioning and to lay down. I usually carry my black undercoated umbrella, with a goldish top (I purchased at Target), a squirt bottle with water, and possibly a portable miniature fan and a cooling vest. Don't forget the fluids. It's doable.

For me, I can get just as ill in the shade if I'm already overheated. Sun/shade, it's the body trying to regulate my core body temperature that can create symptoms. As you probably know by now, us POTsys have a more difficult time maintaining body temperature and circulation under ideal conditions, so, it is worth thinking about the reasons why you would want to deliberately subject yourself to unnecessary stressors.

If it is that important for you to participate, there are also cooling vests that can be purchased, as mentioned by members on this forum in the past. There are cooling bandanas for the head (used under helmets for motorcyclists in the Summer) as well, and portable miniature fans.

Plus, any sun damage you do to your skin can cost you thousands of dollars later on in life if you choose to "correct" the damage via laser treatments.

Anyhow, if you wish to participate in outdoor Summer activities, there are options to help you cope.

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I would use a parasol, they look sweeeet....Pretty sure the other boys would pick on me... LOL :angry:

Thanks for the reminder though, I do need to go get a hat.

Also, the heat and humidity is the badthing. I love having an open window to let the sun in and having the air blasting too. The sun might bother some people though, POTS is pretty person-specific.

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