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How many mix the two?

I have only tried xanax once, without the beta blocker, and it made me super anxious, but I believe only because I am always anxious about meds. Then I remember it making me a little bit tired, but not much else.

I have to fly next week and I am dreadfully terrified of flying. I think I largely have health anxiety about having an emergency on the plane, which causes panic attacks. My panic attacks are very severe, and though they are not frequent, I have had one on a plane and now will forever associate that experience with flying.

I take propranolol, about 10mg four times a day, if even that. When I flew over the holidays (only one flight), I took about double that dose, and still felt massive anxiety. But I am scared to take more because sometimes the beta blockers can make me feel funny (pressure in the sides of my neck and head), which will only cause more anxiety. And on top of it all, I have really really bad eustachian tube problems when flying so that only increases the anxiety!!!!!!! I am very afraid my ear drums will burst, even though I know it's unlikely.

I have been using the Omnaris for a week now, which has actually helped quite a bit I think. I know everyone says that Afrin is the best, but given that I have panic attacks from flying, I really need to avoid anything and everything that may even possibly raise my heart rate, or that will make me believe that it may.

So, I'm between a rock and a hard place. I am thinking of mixing together my old Xanax that I never used and the propranolol. Of course, I will try beforehand, but before I do, I want to know if anyone else uses both? I have been reading that many people do online, but I am very sensitive to drugs and may not have the same kind of positive reaction that others do.

Also, does anyone else have the health anxiety about flying? I am pretty sure it is all mental that causes my symptoms flying. and I'm pretty sure it is panic attacks that I have flying, not my PSVT. I know that I can do fine on a flight (like my last one), so I have no reason to believe that I will have a health problem, yet I am totally anxious just even thinking about sitting in that cabin. I so desperately never want to fly again, but I have an ill parent at home and would forever regret not being able to visit. And trust me, I have done the train and have driven before just to avoid flying, but this time, it is not possible. I have to do it and know that I cannot let my fear, or health, prevent me. But a little pharmaceutical help is necessary!!!

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I too am very sensitive too meds so I relate to your concerns, but I am able to do both the propranolol along w/ xanax. I take 20mg 2x a day and my xanax is 0.5 and I do half as it does make me sleepy. (I also take Midodrine) This combo works very well for me... hope this helps! :(

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Sorry for what you are going through. I've only taken xanax once in my life, and had a paradoxal reaction - it brought on more anxiety than I was experiencing. Some of the other benzos have done that as well.

I can totally relate to what you are going through. Once something causes panic, you just naturally associate the situation with always being panicky. I hope you can find the right meds to help you through your flight. Perhaps a small dose of vallium? Definitely check with your dr and let him/her know what's going on.

Good luck.


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I took Xanax 20 yrs ago for anxiety but have no experience with Propranolol. It worked well for me for anxiety.

I don't know whether you took it once and it made you super anxious or on more than one occasion. You are taking risks by mixing meds without MDs knowing about it. Could you call the doctor's office to run it by them? Even with their okay, I agree with you about trying it before you are on the plane.

However, how about practicing deep breathing and mediation techniques before your trip along with a soothing tape/CD/MP3? If you attempt to train yourself to relax to one tape you could listen, breathe and keep an even keel while waiting to board the plane, etc. The noise of public spaces adds immensely to my anxiety.

Just suggesting more tools for you to draw upon

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Xanax didn't do much for me for a very stressful situation I had to deal with a couple years back. I only felt slightly zombiefied (but that could've been from the stress plus the side effect of drowsiness from Xanax).

But...I really don't think it helped. I threw them out after a while. :(

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My daughter takes xanax and pindolol(another beta blocker) together every day. The xanax is only a .5mg dose and she takes it at night so hard to say how sleepy it makes her. So, I do think you can take the two together.

I don't think taking more beta blocker for a flight is going to help your anxiety but the xanax would. I would ask your doctor how much xanax to take for the flight. My father takes xanax just when he is flying for anxiety and it helps him. I know of other people including myself who also get very anxious when flying. I just take Dramamine or a drug like it and it relaxes me enough.

Hope some of this helps.


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Guest tearose


I don't take meds and I don't have panic attacks and I do get symptoms in flight. You can still do all the planning and still need to be prepared to deal with very real from POTS hyperventilation. I wear compression and keep electrolytes handy too.

I think you do yourself a disservice to blame it all on anxiety or panic.

I had this hyperventilation happen in flight many times and I wound up sitting with my knees up to my chin for about 15 minutes during take of and landing. Just prepare yourself for the worst times which are take -off up to cruising altitude and then on the descent until you land.

Also remember if you flip into SVT and sense it staying or worsening, try all the ways to break this. Sometimes for me it is bearing down while in that scrunched up position. For some it is sticking a hand or face into cold water.

You will be okay. Try to think of it as an annoyance rather than a danger.


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