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When I first begin to enter the first sleep stage, like right after I begin falling asleep, I have sudden muscle twitches, which I presume to be quite normal, but I also have a really intense and fast teeth chattering. Not a grinding, but a strong and sharp chatter where I bang my teeth together. It occurs so quickly and sharply, I am not able to replicate it when I am awake. My boyfriend says it happens almost every night, and he too, is unable to replicate the speed with which it happens.

Oftentimes, I chomp down on my tongue or cheek really hard, which of course wakes me up bleeding. I have all these pockets in my cheeks from biting down on them so hard. The chattering alone will often wake me up because it is so hard, even when I don't clamp down on my tongue.

These episodes don't last long - as soon as I enter the next sleep phase, I'm out.

Does anyone else have something similar to this?

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