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Feeling Like I Have The Flu All The Time


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So far as I know, it is a potential POTS symptom, but not sure its on the typical lists of such. It is definitely a classic CFS symptom. I get it too, though thankfully it isn't constant and it varies in intensity (sometimes bad but usually less for me). For me it can be very brief or last a week at a time (hard to distinguish from actually being sick). I figure a lot of the times I thought I was "half-sick" in the past, it was actually this symptom. I characterize myself as having a CFSy POTS in general, but symptoms migrate and vary a little (seems to be a trait of autonomic troubles).

There's always the chance that your getting sick or that something more specific is happening like triggering of an immune response or whatever... but I wouldn't know how to distinguish. Probably good to document these things as best you can, generally look for any patterns, keep a doc informed in the hopes of pinning things down if possible or in case it's something else besides "just POTS".

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I just feel like I have the flu. Achy all over, etc. Hard to describe. Is this a normal POTS symptom? I feel like this has become more of a problem than any other symptom. Also have burning down my spine and arms... I know it probably is a POTS thing, just curious if anyone else has this problem..

Hi Kansas girl. Yes. I get this a lot and it can be for a couple of hours where I literally cannot move where my legs ache so much, as if I'm coming down with flu, then miraculously it will disappear. Other times it can be for a whole day at a time. No fever, like you have with flu, just that horrible ache. I have not been diagnosed as yet but this is one of my main symptoms. Hope you feeling better today.

Take care.

Deb x

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