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Medic Alert Bracelet

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Just a tip-

I just bought a medic alert bracelet from Lauren's Hope website. It came in the mail today and it is beautiful! They have so many options, all different kinds that have the medical stuff on the inside of the wrist, so it is more discreet.

I feel better having one on- I always worry about passing out when I am out somewhere alone.

I went on vacation last week and on my flight back was feeling really POTSy, and worried that I would pass out. And then, a man on my plane a few rows back from me DID pass out, and there was so much commotion about it, I just kept thinking- wow, that could be me. It embarrassed me just imagining the panic and confusion...when I got home, I ordered a bracelet (just to be safe- and it always feels good to have new jewelry).

Check out the website



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those are really nice! I jave jad one for a little over a year. Its a charm bracelet, and the heart charm on it had all my med info and the medical alert symbol on the other side. The prices are not bad on that site either. Much cheaper then the regular sites.


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You can make your own for a lot less money. You can buy a tag and have it engraved with whatever you want. I have step by step instructions on my personal website here


and then click on "make your own bracelet" on the top navigation bar

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I've been thinking about getting one too-thanks for sharing the links.

What do you recommend getting engraved on it? Since most medical docs that I've found haven't even heard of POTS, I'm not sure how much it would help?

My bracelet says Autonomic Neuropathy on it. The doctors know what the autonomic system is and they know what neuropathy is so even if they don't know what Dysautonomia is they will at least go do some quick research. In my case what happens is that when they have seen the term autonomic neuropathy they end up calling in an internal medicine doctor or another specialist to deal with me and that doctor has usually prepared themselves for anything.

That is, of course, if they have bothered to pay attention to the bracelet. The last time I was in the Emergency Room I was taken by ambulance because I had been laying on the bathroom floor for 3 1/2 days with vomiting, uncontrollable bowels, passing out, no food or water, etc., etc., and when I got to the hospital the triage nurse asked me about my medications and I couldn't think straight so I told him that it is all in my medic alert file and he told me that he didn't have time for that and sent me out to the waiting room and then he went and sat on the counter and took his break......

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Alicia - autonomic dysfunction is enough for a doctor to know what you are talking about.

I have had IDs from two different companies (in the UK). My first was from Medi-Tag (good necklace but I had to pay a yearly subscription for the telephone information service). My current one is from Universal Medical ID (UK and USA branches) and has a free telephone service and a website where I can upload my own medical details, the ID number to get access to the website is on the bracelet. I was suprised at how much information could be put on this tag, my old one had much less space!

My engraving reads:


Autonomic Dysfunction

Syncope, POTS

Ehlers-Danlos III

Hypermobility Type

Asthma, Allergies


www.myOMR.com (ID number)

(full name)

(DoB) (NHS: number)

Epi-pen carried

I also keep a card in my wallet with a full list of my medical problems and my current medication and dosages.

I like knowing that should anything happen to me and I can't talk to the paramedics / doctors (even something non-POTS related like being in a car accident) that the information is available and someone can contact my family (both the telephone line and the website have the contact details for my sister and parents as well as all my medical info).


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