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Anyone Had Vestibular Rehab?


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I looked up posts from the past and noticed that some of you have had vestibular rehab. This is the story with my daughter.

In March of 07' when she was first diagnosed with POTS, the ENT doc ruled out any vestibular issues. She saw him at least 3 times and had numerous tests run and everything was normal. Since Sept. of 07', she has been unable to stand, sit or walk on her own because of the dizziness. She is always reclined. Now, she has had small improvements since a year ago and her physical therapist has been trying different exercises with her. The therapist has recommended that Liz have vestibular rehab at this point. She believes that because she's been reclined for such a long time, that even though her vestibular system was fine at the beginning, it may not be now and that maybe it is holding her back from improving even more. She thinks that maybe this type of rehab would help her as she is working on sitting up, standing, and walking.

For those of you who have gone through this, what do they do? How long were you in rehab for this? Do you think it helped? I know a little bit about this but I have the feeling it is going to be very uncomfortable for Liz but yet, I'm hopeful that it may help her. Now comes the part where I have to talk my insurance company into letting us take her to someone out of our network! I have this wonderful feeling they're going to make us drive an hour away just so they don't have to pay for out of network!

Anyway, thanks for listening!


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I was holding out to see if you would get a response. I had some problems with dizziness back in college due to some ear nerve weakness problem on one side and went through some vestibular rehab. That was many years ago though and things may have changed. I think it helped at the time with my balance and focus when upright. It was a long time ago and it was actually at the UW hospital in Madison. They had me stand on a platform and focus ahead and the walls in this booth kind of moved around me. I think it was to work on balance. Long time ago though. Don't recall how long I did it either.

Good luck! I hate dealing with all that insurance out of network stuff. I was told I had to exhaust ALL my in network provider options before I could leave the network. I drive 3.5 hours to see my cardiologist. I think if he doesn't help he has to claim defeat and then I can see someone out of network. Too complicated.

Hope all is well in WI!! I placed the Grandparent 911 call and they arrived from WI this weekend. Very exciting for my babes and extra reinforcement for me!! Yeah!

Talk soon!


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