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Mirena Iud - Going Back To Birth Control Pills - Questions/opinions Please!


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I was on Mirena about a year. I like that I have absolutely no periods! But...I've gained a chunk of weight and am very bloated around the middle. I've done a lot of research online and I even found one 50+ page thread over women gaining a lot of weight on Mirena and even eating healthier/exercising doesn't help.

My weight was stable (within a 10 pound range) for about 8 years. A few months after Mirena I'd shot up 45 pounds. My activity level is about the same and I am eating healthier than a year ago. So maybe I can blame 5-10 pounds on a change in activity level or aging or something, but three doctors I've talked to agreed that 45 pounds is a huge spike in a few months.

My Gyno office said some women just don't do well with the Mirena so they aren't surprised...the pamphlet says weight gain can be a side effect (I guess your body thinks its pregnant with this? Not sure.). My sister said she turned into an elephant on Depo, and I feel like that on Mirena.

I was on Seasonique for years and liked it. It kept my hormones stable (it's a mono-phasic) and I only had four periods a year (which helps my POTS...the less, the better). Now there is a generic Seasonique called Jolessa. I hear it's by the same company, even, so I wonder if it will be bad to try that first and see if it works the same as Seasonique? I am talking about a cost savings of $140 every three months so I'd really love to be able to take the generic. I'm just afraid it might not work as well, even though legally it should!

Does anyone know how long I'll take to adjust to a new BCP after an IUD? Is there a chance for a long awful cycle? I've never had an IUD out and I'm afraid it'll hurt like heck, too! It did going in.

Thanks for any advice.

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Well, I can't advise on the cycles because with my own experience, even as just one person, mine has varied so much. I've had a mirena once before, first time I didn't get ANY breakthrough bleeding from day one, my periods came regularly every 5 weeks, very light, no PMS, it was great! Second time (I had another fitted in December) I have only stopped bleeding for 3 and a half days out of the whole time since I had it put in!!!! I think the hormonal upset has added to my POTS symptoms as I've been feeling awfully weak.

I only had my first mirena taken out because I thought my overactive bladder was being caused by unnatural hormones in my body (as that started when I first started BC).

As for it coming out, it's nothing. Inconsequential. I don't even remember it hurting at all! So I wouldn't worry about that.

I know it's a tough decision deciding what to take, I tried so many BC pills- I don't have the option of pills like seasonique myself because my Dr took me off any with estrogen in due to my 'silent migraines' (migraine aura) being a contraindication for a stroke. All the progesterone only pills I've tried just don't suit me, I get depressed and tired. So this mirena is my last resort!!!

Good luck I hope you can find something that works for you!

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I'm glad it doesn't hurt coming out. That's a huge relief.

I had one silent migraine...about 4 years ago...you see these weird little zig zags and things? Since I've only had one I can still do the Estrogen pills (and those were working overall).

Everyone tries to say the Mirena doesn't affect hormones systemically. But I think it does for some. I so wish the couple of bad side effects would go away! Then it would be wonderful (it's in there, no worries about birth control, no periods). I hope it regulates for you because it has potential and some people love it. I think my body just doesn't like this particular hormone.

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Yeah that's the kind of migraine thing I get! I had the mirena in for a year last time and was fine, whereas before on pills, my body seemed to hate them!

Good luck if you decide to go ahead and have it removed and try the new pill. I know how difficult it can be finding something that works without bad side effects!

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  • 7 years later...
  • There are a lot of cons of mirena 
  • It is impossible to insert the IUD independently. You need to visit a gynecologist.
  • Unlike condoms Mirena birth control does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV infection, herpes, etc.). So it is not suitable for women who have sex with unfamiliar partners.
  • In the first 4 months after the insertion of the Mirena device, the woman has an increased risk of inflammation of the fallopian tubes.
  • Mirena birth control may cause long-lasting spotting in the first month after the insertion.
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