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Neck Pain


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This is probably classic.

The right side of my neck hurts almost constant.

I have a knot that I feel the size of an egg (muscle cramp) on my right shoulder blade.

I also hear the vertebrae in my neck crack just from turning my head sometimes it relieves some of the discomfort.

I am spending a lot more time in bed and don't always support my neck well so just this factor might be contributing.

A heat pack seems to help but the pain is there almost constant.

This is the one thing I notice even when I'm not feeling any other symptoms.

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I am so sorry that you're going through this... I, too, have huge knots at the juncture of where my neck meets my shoulders, especially on my left side. I also have to constantly pop my neck for any relief. I know that heavy duty narcotics would take care of the pain, but they would also worsen the dysautonomic symptoms, so I just try to deal with it as best as I can with heat and occasional massage (most of the times it hurts too much to even touch). Sometimes, if I have exerted myself too much it hurts even more, and the pain will actually shoot down my arm.

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For whatever reason too I avoid pain medication and just live with the pain.

When it cracks it's just like a crack crack pop. Kind of crunchy!

And I was sorry I complained because I woke up well honestly it was the entire night that my spine just ached.

I know my posture and positioning does not help matters.

At the moment I feel as stiff as a board, maybe as I get up I'll loosen up a bit and get some relief.

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I get these kinds of issues too. I don't think they have anything to do with ANS stuff in my case but like you said....poor posture, tension etc.

If you can do isometric exercises for the head/neck and shoulder over time you may get some relief. If you don't know the exercises already, ask your Dr for a referral to a physical therapist and they can teach you some exercises that should help loosen those muscles.

If you are spending a lot of time in bed experiment with different types of pillows to see what works best for you.

If you can afford massage therapist that can sometimes also help but to be most beneficial it usually requires several visits.

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