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Did Anyone See Dr. Oz's Show On Panic Attacks?


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Well I got all excited to watch Dr. Oz's show on panic attacks and unfortunately there was nothing about dysauto or POTS! They did list MVP as one of the causes. I was surprised to see the 4th on his list be acid reflux. Now I know I have it pretty bad and so do many of you but I have never heard anyone actually say it can cause a panic attack feeling. I wanted to take that to my Dr. and say did you know this??? The other causes were Graves Disease, pheochromocytoma. I've been tested for the pheo a few times. Oh and I have written to Dr. Oz a few times on having a show on POTS and Dysauto...maybe they will consider it if enough people bug them! :D


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Well actually I was having a problem with this if I ate too close to bedtime and also if I slept on my left side I would wake up in sheer terror with my heart racing.

I noticed that when this happened I was often laying flat and most often on the left side.

By correcting those and also trying not to eat within a couple hours of bed I actually was able to eliminate the panic attacks all together.

So yes even though I had no prior history of acid reflux it seemed that for a while it was an issue for me and it was causing panic.

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